70+ Top Blogging Tools to Become Insanely Productive

If you have a website then surely you know the challenges which we face every day to write a new post. Sometimes it’s been so difficult to find a topic that we also want to quit it, but if you are reading this, then you are the one who doesn’t lose hope and keep fighting to get a better result. Today I will share a list of top blogging tools which definitely makes your life easier. So are you ready to know?

Definitive List of Top Blogging Tools

Desktop Blog Editor Tools


Desk: If you have a Mac then without wasting any time try it. It will help you to focus on your writing. It is exclusively available for Mac users only so feel special by having it. It is an award-winning writing, note-taking and blogging app.

Open Live Writer: Are you a Windows users? Don’t worry I have an alternate for Desk for Windows users which is Open Live Writer. The best part of this app is you can directly publish your article right from your desktop.

Blogo: Another publishing tool for Mac users.

Evernote: One of the top blogging tools which help you to take quick notes on your smartphones. What is the benefit of this? Well, it is available on the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.

Content Idea Generator Tools


BuzzSumo: It is easy to find out what trending by seeing Facebook, Google, Twitter trends but is it sufficient, may be no. Check out the BuzzSumo tool; it will show you the list of most shared content in the world. Just give it a keyword and see the magic.

Quora: One of the greatest place to meet minded people. Apart from taking and giving knowledge, you can get tons of idea for your blog from here.

Blog Topic Generator: Out of blog topic? This tool can be savage for you. Just insert three keywords, and it will help you to pick the best blog topic for your article or post.

Google Trends: Google Trends are one of the most famous ways to check out what people are searching, and the best thing about this tool is it will show you real-time searches.

Blog Post Title Tools


EMV Tool: Most of us focus on writing keyword focused title but friends that’is not enough, especially when we are going to share the article on social media. Social media is one of the greatest sources of traffic where you just need to generate title considering the emotional value of the user. So this is one of the top blogging tools to evaluate whether your topic with generate visitor or not.

Headline Analyzer: Trying hard to make a headline that attracts visitors? Well, your effort can be minimized by this tool. It is one of the top blogging tools which is used by millions of bloggers. Be one of them.

TweakBiz Title Generator: It is a comprehensive tool to generate titles.

Potent C Ideas Generator: This is a handy one. It has dual benefits; it can easily generate titles for you or content idea too.

UpWorthy Title Generator: Are you writing a viral topic? This is the tool which helps you more.

Proof Reading Tools

Grammarly: This is a must-have tool for every blogger; that’s why we give it a place in the top blogging tools list. No matter whether you have good English or not, it is highly recommended to use it. With the help of Grammarly you can easily improve your writing and as well as English.

Hemingway AppIf you are already using Grammarly then I want to recommend you a superb proof reading tool which is Hemingway. It is an online tool which will tell you the percentage of readability of your article. I strongly recommend you to use this app after all this simple and readable content is the key to retain visitors.

Stock Images for Blogs


Flickr Advanced Search: If you are the one who wants to save yourself from copyright strike then obviously you are taking care of using someone’s else images. Now it is very difficult to find the right image for the blog which comes under a creative commons license. Flickr will help you out in this. Just filter out the creative common licensed images.

Pixabay: This is one of the best websites which I want to recommend in top blogging tools. It helps you to get free images that too in HD. The whole website has creative common licensed images — no need to filter anything.

Image Suite: It is a WordPress plugin which helps you to find free images, and the best thing about this plugin is, images uploaded using this plugin doesn’t require giving any credit.

Content Discovery and Blog Reading Tools


Feedly: This will help you to discover new blogs. Great source for generating ideas for your blog.

Pocket: It is a “read it later” app which lets you save articles. It is one of the most productive apps.

Desktop Image/Video Recording Tools


Camtasia: Camtasia is one of the software to make tutorial videos. It lets you record screencasts. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

Snag It: If you are looking for best image editing and capturing tool then here is the first thing which you need to install it right now.

Image Optim: Image optimization is one of the recommended things which need to follow by everyone. Now if you have Mac then immediately use this tool to optimize your images for the web.

MPEG Streamclip: Apart from blogger if you are a YouTuber too then this is a must-have app for you. It will cut, convert, join and trim videos. It will also reduce the size of your videos without compromising video quality.

Audacity: No need to record your voice in one go. This is one of the simplest audio managers which lets you cut and join audios. You can also add sound effects also in between already recorded voice.

Google Plus Hangout: Most of us generally neglect Google Plus, but I recommend you to use Google Plus Hangout feature. There are tons of feature which you love to use like co-host webinar, Q&A session and more.

TubeBuddy: There are tons of tools to optimize and look out for SEO for your blog but what about YouTube, nothing, right? No, actually there is a super tool which let you check tags, title, ranking and more. I recommend TubeBuddy in top blogging tools because I know there are some struggling YouTubers also reading this post. So what are you waiting for use this tool and give fuel to your YouTube channel.

Visitor Stats and Analytical Tools


Google Analytics: Obviously you are using it, but I recommend you to go depth in Google Analytics to know more about your website.

JetPack Plugin: If you find Google Analytics bit complicated then use this plugin to check the stats and traffic of your website.

Outsourcing Websites


Fiverr: Tired of making content? How about outsourcing it? Good idea, isn’t it? Here is the cheapest option. Here you can outsource anything only for $5.

Upwork: Here you can hire freelancers to virtual assistants to get your work done.

99 Designs: One of the cheapest sources for web design need and the best part about is you will not get low quality work here.

Contentmart: Writing articles can be a pain so why take the pain when you can pay. Here you will find authentic writers.

Truelancer: It’s an Indian startup where you can hire talented writers at a budget-friendly cost.

Productivity Tools


Headspace: If you are tired of blogging 24×7 then give yourself a break and use this website for five minutes.

Wunderlist: You are one who loves to note down everything then you need to use this. This is one for one of the must have an app in top blogging tools. It stores data in the cloud so gives you the freedom to access your list from anywhere.

Trello: Another alternative to Wunderlist. It will show you task in cards.

Rescuetime: It is an app which runs in background and record what you have visited in a whole week. It gives a detail report which helps you to increase your productivity.

Self-control: Are you wasting your time on social media or YouTube then use this app it lets you block websites. This is one of the top blogging tools which I recommend you to install.

Keyword Research Tools


Google Keyword: Most popular and free keyword research tool.

Semrush: May be above will not fulfill your requirement especially if you have bit knowledge of keywords. This is one of the best-recommended tools in top blogging tools which you need to give a try. It’s worth spending money on it. You will not disappoint.

LongTailPro: If you are looking for the cheaper option of Semrush then check LongTailPro. This is also recommended for those who have little knowledge of keyword research.

SEO Tools


Google Webmaster Tool: It is not just a tool which helps you to index your website. Actually, there are lots of hidden feature of this tool which need to explored like it will give you keywords which redirect visitors to your website. By writing more articles on such keywords, you can generate more traffic.

Bing Webmaster Tool: It is same alike webmaster tool. You can optimize it for your website if you want traffic from countries like the USA.

Intergrity: It is a desktop tool for Mac which checks your website if it has any broken links.

Screaming Frog: This is one of the best tools in the top blogging tools list for SEO purpose. It will show you website from the point of bot or spider.

Kwfinder: One of the fastest growing keyword tool which you definitely want to give a try.

Social Media Tools


Buffer App: If you think you are out of your social content then make sure you give a try to this app. It has an app called daily which helps you to post high-quality content in your social media profile.

Hootsuite: It is one of the best social media tools to manage your social accounts from a single page; that’s why we listed this in our top blogging tools. It comes with a 30-day free trial — enough time to decide.

Postplanner: It is one of the tools which continuously updated with new features so you don’t lag behind. It also takes care of Facebook’s edge rank algorithm.

ClickToTweet: It will generate a single link which you can use within your blog to increase the number of tweets.

SocialPilot: This is a new app in the market, but I recommend this in top blogging tools list because it is one of the fastest growing tools which you need to give a try.

Photo Editor Tools for Social Media


ShareAsImage: You can create fantabulous images with the help of this tool and that’s not it, you can directly share to your social media accounts without any hassle.

Canva: One of the most famous tools to create creative and unique images. It will have predefined images sizes which are optimized for social media.

PicMonkey: It is one of the old photo editing tools which let you create amazing photo collages.

Pictochart: Infographics, one of the most shared content on the web. If you are neglecting this you are making the mistake. So use Pictochart to create beautiful and eye-catching infographics.

QuotesCover: This tool will help you to create hassle-free quote images.

ButtonFactory: Want to increase CTR; ButtonFactory is one of the best tools to make call-to-action buttons.

Pablo: This is a free app from Buffer which let you edit images, adds text, color and more.

Vid to Gif: Gif increase CTR. So to increase it you need to create gifs for yourself. This tool will help you with that.

Blog Monetization


Google AdSense: I proudly recommend you AdSense in top blogging tools, it is the best contextual advertising network. One of the best and famous way to monetize your blog.

Infolinks: After AdSense, this is one of the most trusted ad networks which offers many ad formats which you can utilize to increase your revenue.

Chitika: Chitika is the best alternative to Adsense. It offers a lower payout.

Viglink: If you have a website which focuses on e-commerce then you need to focus on this advertising network. It lets you earn money from the outbound link.

Po.st: If your website content has lots of shares then friends you are losing lots of money. This tool lets you earn from social media sharing buttons, innovative isn’t?

Affiliate Marketplace


ClickBank: If your blog has decent reach then you should try your hand in affiliate income. This is the first network which I want to recommend you in top blogging tools. It is one the popular affiliate market which works for every niche.

ShareASale: This program has tons of affiliate programs which gives you the freedom to choose from various options.

Peerfly: It is one of the most recommended affiliated marketplaces where you can get tons of free offers and earn from Booking.com, Uber and more.

Impact Radius: Do you know big companies like Media Temple and MaxCDN use this program, so what are your waiting for.

Commission Junction: Looking for reliable source then this is a best program which I recommend you in top blogging tools list.

Blog Promotion Tools


Flipboard: If you are revolving around Facebook, Twitter, etc. for social marketing then friends there are more website which you are missing. Flipboard is one of the best ways to drive huge traffic.

Tribber: Like Quora Tribber is a place where you can find minded people. You can find your niche group and share your content to get free traffic.

MakeWebVideo: You can Create Whiteboard style videos for any topic using this website.

So these are the top blogging tools for you. Hope you like it, use them and give a boost to your website.

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