What is Social Media Optimization? What are the Latest SMO Strategies & Techniques? 

Social Media Optimization, popularly known as SMO, is one of the most important modules of Digital Marketing where one can augment the reach, improve visibility, bring more conversions and impact the awareness of the products or brand organically using the social networks and mediums.

SMO has become a crucial component in Search Engine Optimization techniques. In today’s world, one cannot imagine a life without social media. According to the latest social media statistics by Statista, “There are 350+ million active social media users.”


The scope of social media is increasing day by day and year by year!

Social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. has helped multiple companies to increase their web traffic and bring more sales to the business. You will be amazed to know; it plays a crucial role in customer servicing and online reputation management.

In simple words, SMO means improving the awareness of products, services, brands, or companies using social media platforms, communities, and outlets.

Have you included Social Media Optimization Techniques in your digital calendar? If not, you are in big trouble. There are various social media optimization examples that you find on Google, which will make it very clear why SMO is vital for your brand.

Today, we will be discussing the social media optimization techniques, but before that, let’s take a sneak peek into:

Advantages of Social Media Optimization Techniques

  • A cost-effective way of advertising
  • Increased visibility and web traffic
  • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Helps in better ORM
  • Augmented awareness
  • More sales, leads, and conversions

SMO is advantageous to all kinds of businesses. The size and type of business is not a hindrance when it comes to SMO implementation. If you have a dedicated and result-driven team of social media professionals in your company, the output becomes more effective for your brand.

Social Media Optimization Techniques

Some of the most important Social Media Optimization tips and techniques are as follows:

Preparation of Social Media Calendar

The first thing that you should do while executing SMO in your business is the preparation of a social media calendar. It comes under the planning phase. It is mandated to perform market and competitor analysis before making social media calendar.

SMO execution is more systematic, scheduled, and appropriate using a social media calendar. You can download different types of social media calendar templates from Hubspot. It will help you to organize your social media activities in the best way.

Selecting the Right Platform

Various social media networking sites can be beneficial for your business-like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Social Bookmarking sites, etc.  But, every business has its own unique selling point. And, to market this USP, there is always a right platform.

If you don’t choose the right social media platform for your business, your output and results can be hampered. For example, A clothing brand using LinkedIn and Twitter to get more sales can not drive profit, but if it uses Facebook and Instagram, the results can be profitable.

Providing Complete Details

Make sure you fill your social media profile with 100% information. It is imperative to add about contact detail, address, and other relevant details to your social media profile. It will help you to get more reach. Don’t forget to add related tags and keywords in your profile. It will help in better indexing of your profile by the search engines. Maintain professionalism.

Create High Quality and Sharable Content

Content is ruling the digital world. It is essential to understand your target audience. Understanding your consumer’s behavior can help you create the right content for your business. Create high quality and appealing content that has chances to get thumbs up by your audiences. Make use of high-quality videos, images, gifs to make it more sharable by your users.

Don’t Forget Search Engine Optimised Keywords

Be it copywriting, images, videos, Alt-tags, or blogs, don’t miss keywords. It is a myth that keywords should only be used in blogs and web content. According to Experts, even if you make a YouTube video, you should include keywords in your video content.

You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to get a list of best keywords for your social media content. It will improve your visibility and help you stand out competitors.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand identity is directly related to brand awareness. The more consistent you are with your brand identity, the more are the chances of being recognized and followed by your audience.

Following brand consistency using the right brand colors, theme, and idea can help you be the apple of your consumer’s eyes. It will even save your time and energy. Various brands, like Swiggy, Zappos, Amazon, are doing the same. Are you?

Include Cross Promotion Strategy

 Make sure you are cross-promoting your social networks. Linking your social media accounts to one another can help your followers find you and follow you across different platforms. Make sure you don’t bore them. Provide varieties like live on Instagram, poll on facebook, etc. so that your users are engaged.

Put Social media Buttons and Hashtags

Make a properly designed website for your business. Include social media buttons to get more impressions and followers. It is easy to navigate your audience across different platforms through these buttons. They can read reviews, check posts, and much more. This will help to create a better picture of your brand in the mind of the user.

Call to Action and Hashtags

Include a call to action button on your social media accounts. You can get a direct response from your user through the CTA button. They can easily do what you want them to do, without any hindrance.

Hashtags are one of the most popular elements across social media these days. They help you to be part of a community. It is the easiest and most effective way to get more followers on your social networks.

Content Mix Strategy

Various companies are using social media just to share the links of their blogs. This might be the wrong social media approach. This trick works best only if you have a news or entertainment niche. Make sure you use the right storytelling for your audience.

Entertain your audience with varieties of content. Use sweepstakes, informational posts, trends, company culture posts, service posts, tips, contents to engage your audience. Create a unique persona for your users.

Analyze and Plan

Analysis plays a crucial role in social media. It is very important to know what works best for your business at what time and what day. You can also get a complete view of your target audience, major traffic source, geographic location, and much more through analytics.

Use tools like Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Likealyzer, etc. to analyze and plan your next month’s social media calendar for progressive growth chart.

So, today, I untapped what is social media optimization and what are the best social media optimization techniques. If i missed any point, please share it in the comment section below. Let the wisdom pass.

Happy sharing!

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